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Insurance Scheme


General Details

The Erasmus Mundus program offers a special coverage to its scholarship students at no extra cost. Their families can also benefit from the special premiums with the same insurers. (Students without the scholarship can ask the QEM office for the price if they need to insure themselves).


All non-EU students selected for the Erasmus Mundus 2-year scholarship automatically receive free medical insurance coverage. The insurance covers their unexpected medical expenses in European countries the students visit during their Masters Course. The insurance also provides accident coverage and protects against some costs arising from civil liabilities (which is a third-party insurance required in many European countries). Full details are provided in the general conditions below.


The medical coverage also applies during the periods of travel while enrolled in the Erasmus Mundus Masters course. The insurance company will also provide assistance in case the student looses the passport, tickets or other travel documents. However, it is not a comprehensive travel insurance. If students wish to be covered for eventualities such as the loss or theft of money, personal belongings and items of value, or for the unexpected costs caused by travel delays, they are advised to consider additional coverage with a private insurer.


Who is covered?

All third-country scholarship students are provided with a complementary insurance cover during their studies in Europe on the Erasmus Mundus Masters Course. Enrollment in this insurance scheme is automatic for student scholarship holders and does not involve extra costs for students or for the Erasmus Mundus consortium.


What exactly is covered?

Erasmus Mundus third-country scholarship students are insured worldwide, including during their holidays of up to four weeks in home countries. In addition to covering medical expenses, some limited legal and travel costs are also insured, as well as travel assistance. Some of the costs of pregnancy, physiotherapy and some sporting injuries are covered. Students are not covered for pre-existing conditions, conditions for which treatment can wait until they return home, AIDS, mental illness, or non-urgent dental care. The coverage supplements any state health care which may be also provided. There is no limit on the amount payable and no excess to pay on medical costs, (as long as, if hospitalised, you stay in a common ward and not in a private room).


Who offers this insurance cover?

The scheme is paid directly by the European Commission and does not imply any additional costs for the third-country scholarship students or Erasmus Mundus university consortia. The coverage is provided by the insurance company ACE Europe.


How does it work?

Once your participation on the Master’s Course is confirmed, the Commission will automatically register you with the Erasmus Mundus Insurance scheme. You will receive an insurance card with your personal policy details. If you wish to make a claim for expenses, you fill in a claim form and submit it directly to ACE Europe. For serious medical problems and accidents or in the case of fatal injury, ACE Europe should be immediately informed.


More Information

To find out more on the Erasmus Mundus Insurance Scheme, please follow the Opens external link in new windowwebpage designed to facilitate the use of the insurance coverage. You can fill in the claim form online.