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Before Arrival

There is a number of important issues the students must take care of after the acceptance to the program. Click on the name of the section to get more information.


Quantitative Economics Master Acceptance Letter


When the student is admitted by the QEM Program, we issue a letter of Acceptance and send to their postal address. Additionally, the letter is uploaded on the student's personal online registration form. The mobility track of each student is explicitly stated in the letter.

In the case the student is awarded an
Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, he/she will receive both the Acceptance Letter and the Scholarship Selection Letter.
When the original of the Letter of Acceptance is delivered, the student is able to apply for the visa.

Documentation Procedure


The candidates  should not send any paper documents until the they are explicitly asked to do so. The documents have to be sent to the following address:


Maison des Sciences Economiques

Master Erasmus Mundus QEM, Bureau B14

106/112 boulevard de l'Hôpital

75647 Paris Cedex 13



Once admitted, students have to forward the originals of the of documents within   two weeks.

Consortium Universities Admission


Apart from the Letter of Acceptance to the Quantitative Economics Master Program, the selected candidates will receive the admission documents from the University where the student is going to spend the first semester.

In several cases, this might facilitate visa procedures. Students might need to contact the concrete university before arrival, for example, for accommodation inquires. Please, refer to the corresponding contact information below:



  • Quantitative Economics Master, Barcelona Office:

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Facultat d'Econòmiques i  Empresarials
Edifici B IDEA (office B3-124)
08293 Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +34 93 58 11 359


  • Quantitative Economics Master, Bielefeld Office:

Universität Bielefeld
Institut für Mathematische Wirtschaftsforschung
Universitätsstraße 25
33615 Bielefeld

Mr Michael Günther
+49 (0)521-106-4922
+49 (0)521-106-5642

  • Quantitative Economics Master, Paris Office:

Université Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Maison des Sciences Economiques
106-112, Boulevard de L'Hôpital
75647, Paris, France

Mr Guillaume Glade
+ 33 1 44 07 76 50


  • Quantitative Economics Master, Venice Office:

Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
San Giobbe, Cannaregio 873
30121 Venice, Italy

Mrs Federica Varosio
Tel: +39 0412349123
Fax:+39 0412349176

Getting the Visa


IMPORTANT! Visa issuing might take long time depending on the country of origin and your status. Therefore, we strongly advise to submit the application for visa as soon as you receive your Original Letter of Acceptance.


Visa requests should be forwarded to the  Consulate of the country where the student is scheduled to go for the first semester. Visa Guidelines might be helpful to look at before applying for the visa.

We ask student to upload the visa on your personal page as soon as it is issued.

Please click on the links below to find more information on the visa needed for to attend each corresponding university:



All students are advised to attend the Welcome Week in Paris.


Travel and Hotel Accommodation


The initial destination for all new-coming QEM students is Paris, where the Welcome Week is organized. During this week, students have the opportunity to meet all the admitted students of the 4 universities, participate in numerous activities and discover Paris.

Students should arrange the arrival to Paris and respect the dates of the meeting.

The Quantitative Economics Master program can organize a shuttle from the Orly and CDG airports to pick-up the new-coming students for  the Welcome Week.


Important! Please upload your flight details  at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Otherwise, it is not possible to organize the shuttle service. You should upload the ticket to Paris on your personal registration form and send the e-mail to the QEM office with the details of your flight (The Arrival Date and Time, Airport Name and Terminal, Flight Number) stating: ID Number - Name/Shuttle.

Additionally, accommodation will be provided during the Welcome Week for students who start the semester in another partner university. Accommodation students staying in Paris is provided until the 1st day the student can move-in into the student residence.

Payment of the tuition fees


The first payment of €1,000.00 should be submitted to the Consortium within 21 days after the acceptance, the payment date of the rest of the tuition fees is determined by the QEM staff, no latter than before the beginning of the Master Program. 

If the student is a beneficiary of an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, the fees will be deducted from the grant amount.

The tuition fees can be submitted by the online Payment System on your personal registration form.

Pre-opening a bank account


The Quantitative Economics Master Program helps students to open a bank account during the Welcome Week. The pre-opening will be done to all QEM student at the CIC (Crédit Commercial et Industriel) Bank. 

The opening of a Bank account at CIC is mandatory for the Erasmus Mundus Fellowship Holders.

It is possible to pre-open the account once the information on your personal page is complete and all the required documents are uploaded on time.


IMPORTANT! The beneficiaries of Erasmus Mundus Scholarships will receive their first payment of the Scholarship approximately 3 weeks after start of the Course. Be sure to have enough money to cover your personal expenses (food, transport, accommodation) during the 1st month of your studies.



The Quantitative Economics Master Program is able to provide student housing throughout the study period. Please, refer to the corresponding partner university below to find specific information about lodging: