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Quantitative Economics Master Programme


1. How much is the programme fee?


The current fee schedule is available here : programme fee for QEM programme.


2. What is the difference between applying to QEM1 and QEM2? Does admission to QEM1 automatically mean admission to QEM2?

Application to Quantitative Economics Master 1 means application to the first year of the two-year programme. Those admitted to the first year are expected to proceed to the second year provided that they are in good academic standing (i.e. have attained a GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 in the first year).


Application to Quantitative Ecomnomics Master 2 means application to the second year of the programme, i.e. the one-year QEM Accelerated Track. Those admitted to the QEM Accelerated Track are expected to proceed to the second year provided that they are in good academic standing (i.e. have attained a GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 in the Summer Semester).


Not being accepted to QEM2 has no bearing on the answer an applicant receives for a QEM1 application, or on ability to proceed to QEM2 upon successfully completing QEM1.


3. Can I complete the programme at one University? 

To obtain the Joint Degree, students must study at two or more consortium Universities.


4. If I study in three different Universities, will I get a triple degree?

No. Upon successful completion of the programme, students shall be awarded a Quantitative Economics Master Joint Degree entitled "Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics", which is officially recognised as a master's degree by each university and in each country of the consortium.

5. Is it possible to change my mobility track after the programme begins?


In exceptional cases it may be possible to change your mobility track, but not guaranteed.



6. Is it possible to spend time studying in an Associated Partner University as part of my mobility track?


Starting from 2010, students have the possibility to spend a semester in an Associated Partner University. Please refer to Professional and Research Track available on Mobility tracks section.